Ģertrūdes ielas teātris is a theatre venue in Riga and a central part of the becoming independent art scene in the Baltic States. It offers space for performances, concerts, movie showings as well as various workshops, meetings and festivities.

The name comes from the street (Gertrude’s street) in which the theatre is based on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a former furniture factory.  The GIT is an open stage established in 2009 by United Intimacy, together at this time with the support of creative association Nomadi  and  New Theatre Institute of Latvia. It is a place for the audience to see contemporary dance and theatre performances created by independent artist and companies from Latvia and abroad.

The team today still originates mostly from the independent theatre group United Intimacy that was established in order to activate the theatre processes of Riga; striving to create a dynamic, contemporary and provocative alternative to the state theatre programs. For them it is important that performances resonate with today’s reality of Riga and Latvia, forming an active and open dialogue with their audience.
The repertoire principles of United Intimacy reflect two main aspects—being personal and being relevant. It is not about making politics of the repertoire, but rather the politics of individual events.

That in 2009 United Intimacy rented the two floors  (together around 250qm) to become the Ģertrūdes ielas teātris has also the reason in the difficult space situation of the independent theatre sector in Riga: it was cheaper to rent the space for one month than to rent the stage of the National Theatre for one night.  So, they faced the problems of making a theatre venue in an empty space: financial ressources (only the ticket income), technical ressources, contacts with local artists and public.
Today the GIT hosts 8-15 projects per month, from own theatre productions to non-art events like seminars or tango lessons. The inherent aim is to give space for making art and to give space for socialising.

Maija Pavlova / Ģertrūdes ielas teātris:
Our values are: daring, topicality, sensitiveness, search of new ways in creativity, courage, openness, professionally, thought-out purposefulness.

Positive implications of networking policy are that people are forced to move, to communicate, to open their horizons that can lead to really fruitful outcome. However quite often artists and producers are so busy with doing networking that their core business – doing the art- is lost. One cannot get support for creative work, one can only be supported in order to create new communication channel.  Another thing is that networking and collaboration become buzzwords that have lost their initial meaning – it has become form of doing things and has lost the content – why to network, why to collaborate – what additional benefits except the financial ones are there for all – artists, managers, audience?
Is there a place for united intimacy?


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