Self-Organization in the Contemporary Performing Art
within a European Perspective

Out of artistic and cultural-political motives and through economic necessity modes of production in the field of contemporary performing arts have changed. Throughout the past years, artists thinking ahead have started developing networking organizations across Europe for supporting and disseminating artistic works in a thoughtful way. They hold a valuable body of knowledge, have engaged audiences, invested spaces and fostered strong communities across disciplines.

In “Networkers’ Meetings” participants from Frankfurt, Köln, Berlin, Lisbon, Sofia, Riga are searching for new ways of collaborating; that strengthen each local context and both generate usefully linked infrastructures as well as a “united intimacy”.  The first steps shaping the form of our network are to display the individual networkers’ histories and organizational structures; furthermore,  to inform ourselves about the complex funding possibilities for networking within European culture policies but also through alternative programms  – to put the network into practice by developing collaboration projects of various scales and forms for 2012 and 2013.

This blog is to present the evolving forms of the network and share the gathered knowledge with everyone interested. Through an extended and qualified link library of informational and discursive websites on networking in European performing arts sector.  Also, each Networkers’ Meeting will be documented in an outline of  the questions,  statements, practical ideas and fantastic visions we come up with – every time representing a new state of the network (see 1st Networkers’ Meeting).

I will therefore propose a working definition of the networked-institution as a synchronic institution of cartographies that evolves situation by situation, changes according to variable geometries and produces common concepts, at the same time in which the intense levels of participation and convergent time scales and perspectives shared by social movements, different from one another but nevertheless “composable”, begin to emerge.  (…)
(…) the repertoire of actions which movements draw upon to construct horizontal forms of institutional practices, in other words practices that formulate sophisticated programmatic frameworks for articulating a common process of self-organisation.

Francesco Salvini
“The moons of Jupiter: Networked institutions in the productive transformations of Europe” 2008

(Together) We will love the beach
(Together) We will learn and teach
(Together) Change our pace of life
(Together) We will work and strive
( Pet Shop Boys: “Go West”)


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