Hello everybody!

For a performance in public space on March 24, the italian artist Marcello Maloberti is looking for a female performer who teaches the audience some Aerobic-Dance-Movements and takes part in a parade.

Fee: 200 EUR brutto

Event: 24.03.2012 Marcello Maloberti: I am the Happiness of the World ,4 – 7 pm
preparations with the artist: Sat, March 24 from 10 am + one 1hour meeting on Friday, March 23

Description of the event:
Marcello Maloberti invites Frankfurt to participate in the collective performance I Am The Happiness Of The World. Equipped with five black porcelain panthers, a changed flag and various everyday sculptures, Maloberti and a large number of participants will proceed through the Frankfurt Station District in what will be a mixture of parade, demonstration and happening without a political message, but nevertheless serving as a mirror of society.

Location: Performance at Frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel
Start: Frankfurter Kunstverein

Olivia Ebert, assistenz@fkv.de , 069-219314-20


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